Mr. LEE Yuk Fat

Speech by Mr. LEE Yuk Fat
Chairman of the 69th Board of Directors (2018-2019)

The Hon. Mr. Lau Kong Wah, Prof the Hon. Ms. Chan Siu Chee, all the senior government officials, and guests:

Today is the inauguration ceremony of the Board of Directors of Pok Oi Hospital (“Pok Oi”). We are honoured to have Professor the Hon. Chan Siu Chee, JP, Secretary for Food and Health, to officiate at the ceremony and the Hon. Mr. Lau Kong Wah, JP, Secretary for Home Affairs, to witness the swearing-in. We are also honoured to see many senior government officials, distinguished members of the community and friends from the media here. There are also floral baskets and donations received from various sectors. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your friendship and kindness.

Rooted in Yuen Long, Pok Oi has secured a foothold in the New Territories and has been serving Hong Kong under the motto of “We Love, We Care, We Serve”. We are committed to providing quality Chinese and Western medicine services, dental services, elderly services and residential care homes, family and youth services, education services (schools and kindergartens), etc. to people of different social starta. There are now 92 service units with an annual attendance of over 900,000. Pok Oi owes the continuous development of its charitable endeavours to the efforts of all predecessors, permanent advisers and former directors, as well as the support from various sectors. They have enabled Pok Oi to build a firm cornerstone for its development.

This is the 99th year of Pok Oi. I feel honored to have been elected by my fellow Board members as the 69th Chairman. I will regard “Keep it Up” as my motto, integrating modernity and science with benevolence. With new challenges lying ahead, I will work with all the Board members to improve the various services rendered by Pok Oi:

Hospital Services
Given the increasing demand for emergency services, the Accident and Emergency Department of Pok Oi offers round-the-clock treatment and acute trauma care to citizens in need of urgent medical services. There is also an emergency medical ward established for patients requiring short-term hospitalised observation and treatment.

In addition, the Specialist Outpatient Department of Pok Oi provides a wide range of services covering the following categories: medicine and geriatric, orthopaedics and traumatology, surgery, paediatric diabetes and paediatric rheumatology, family medicine, ENT (ear, nose and throat), ophthalmology, breast care, etc. The Department of Surgery has also expanded to cover round-theclock emergency hospital admissions. It provides 12-hour emergency operation service every day.

Pok Oi will introduce more new services and increase more beds to benefit more patients. We will monitor closely the increase in local population and the needs of residents, while continuing to enhance the service quality under the spirit of devoting love and care to patients.

Chinese Medicine Service
Pok Oi devotes its efforts to developing Chinese medicine services, which see an annual attendance of 550,000. Nearly 70 percent of patients pay concessionary fees. This shows our effectiveness in meeting the needs of the underprivileged.
  • Addition of Five Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinics
    With the aim of providing fast, convenient, onsite Chinese medicine services, the fleet of Chinese medicine mobile clinics has expanded to having 25 vehicles serving more than 100 locations throughout Hong Kong. To further expanding the services of Chinese medicine mobile clinics, Pok Oi will add another five vehicles to the fleet this year. They will serve the community in the form of “special clinic for specific illness”, providing specialised treatments to common urban diseases such as eczema, allergic rhinitis, neck and shoulder pain, and insomnia. More people will benefit from the arrangement.

  • Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macau Conference on Chinese Acupuncture
    The “Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macau Conference on Applied Clinical Skills in Chinese Acupuncture Treatments” held last year was well-received and proven to be effective in fostering academic exchange in the Chinese medicine sector. In view of this, Pok Oi intends to hold “2018 Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macau Conference on Applied Clinical Skills in Chinese Acupuncture Treatments” in June. Under the initial proposal, abdominal acupuncture treatment and smoking cessation with acupuncture will be the theme. Experts from mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong will be invited to share their insights with participants. The aim is to promote Chinese acupuncture to tens of thousands of families.

  • Four Centres for Training and Research in Chinese Medicine
    Pok Oi has four centres for training and research in Chinese medicine, located in Yuen Long, Shatin, Yau Tsim Mong and Ho Man Tin. In an effort to develop and improve services on an ongoing basis, these centres for training and research in Chinese medicine target the needs of service users residing in different areas and enhance specific types of Chinese medicine services accordingly.

    The Chinese Medicine Centre for Training and Research (Yuen Long) will strengthen its services in oncology, Chinese acupuncture, orthopaedics and geriatrics. The Chinese Medicine Centre for Training and Research (Shatin) will enhance its pain treatment and Chinese medicine specialist services. The Chinese Medicine Centre for Training and Research (Yau Tsim Mong) will develop condition-specific treatment services for allergic rhinitis, eczema, insomnia, neck and shoulder syndrome, etc. The Chinese Medicine Centre for Training and Research (Ho Man Tim) will focus on special services such as weight control and treatment of paediatric anorexia.

  • Chinese Medicine Outpatient Weight Control
    With the support of the Hospital Authority, Pok Oi partnered with Hong Kong Baptist University to launch “Weight Control Programme”. Chinese medicine theories are applied in differential diagnosis and treatment determinat ion. Af ter conduct i ng a comprehensive cause analysis for obesity, a tailor-made treatment solution is offered. The programme helps overweight people with Chinese medicine treatments including medicinal herbs, acupuncture and auriculotherapy, reducing the risk of developing obesity-associated diseases.

Dental Services
Given the increasing public awareness of the importance of oral care and dental health, Pok Oi also actively develops dental services. In addition to the dental clinic located in Shui Pin Wai Estate (Yuen Long), we have established a dental service support station in Cheung Ching Estate (Tsing Yi) to provide dental treatments including filling, extraction, root canal treatment and crowning.
  • Kwai Tsing District Council’s Enhancement of Dental Care Service
    In addition to the dental service support station set up in Cheung Ching Estate (Tsing Yi), Pok Oi will take part in the “Enhancement of Dental Care Service” programme sponsored by Kwai Tsing District Council to meet the public demand for dental services and arouse people’s awareness of dental care. Eligible residents in Kwai Tsing will receive professional dental care with low charges.

  • Dental Outreach Services
    Pok Oi has joined the “Outreach Dental Care Programme for the Elderly” of Department of Health as one of the service providers, and is mainly responsible for serving the designated elderly homes, homes for the aged blind, nursing homes, infirmaries, and day care centres for the elderly in Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing. We provide on-site free services to the elders aged 60 or above, which include dental check-up, followup treatment and oral health education.

    The dental outreach teams of Pok Oi have reached out to more than 70 homes and day care centres for the elderly to provide dental services, with a cumulative service attendance of more than 16,000. As the programme is proved to be effective in helping the elderly and disadvantaged groups, Pok Oi has committed to continuously providing the services.

Education Services
Talents are essential to the development of society, and education is a cradle for nurturing talents. Under the motto of “Erudition and Virtue”, Pok Oi is running three secondary schools, one primary school and five kindergartens/nurseries in Kowloon and the New Territories. In order to consolidate the foundation of students for becoming biliterate and trilingual, the primary and secondary schools of Pok Oi conduct “English Co-teaching Plan” that gives students opportunities to communicate with foreign English teachers, creates a conducive environment for learning English, stimulates their interest and motivation in learning English. Apart from acquisition of knowledge, Pok Oi highly values extra-curricular activities. Our schools have won numerous awards in many inter-school competitions and major open competitions.

The kindergartens/nurseries of Pok Oi is committed to creating a harmonious and pleasant learning environment, and nurturing children to become a new generation that is self-confident, autonomous, learn on their own, with self-discipline and a strong sense of commitment. Our kindergartens/nurseries will follow the “Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum” (2017), adopt the philosophy of education that regards learning from playing games as a good start to balanced development and growth, and adhere to the basic principles of “children development” and “children learning”. We will focus on their interests, needs and abilities, and create a learning environment that stimulates diversified intellectual development. The aim is to allow students to develop and grow in a healthy, balanced manner in a safe and pleasant environment.

Social Service
  • Elderly Services
    Pok Oi always pays great importance to elderly services. We thank Henderson Land Development for donating a site located on Fuk Hang Tsuen Road in Lam Tei, Tuen Mun for building “POH Tuen Mun Lam Tei Nursing and Residential Care Home for the Elderly”. Upon completion, it will be the largest nursing and residential care home for the elderly in Hong Kong and even Asia. It is expected to provide 1,406 beds, comprised of 930 continuum of care places and 476 nursing home places for elders with different levels of weakness. The facility will help relieve the pressure caused by a shortage of elderly home places.

    Pok Oi will complete a detailed design and prepare tendering documents in this fiscal year, followed by submitting an application to Lotteries Fund of Social Welfare Department for funding that will be used for construction, as well as purchase of furniture and equipment. In addition, Pok Oi will work with Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies under the Innovation and Technology Commission to examine ways of enhancing the residential care home services of Pok Oi. We will also engage a professional financial adviser to conduct a comprehensive study on the “POH Tuen Mun Lam Tei Nursing and Residential Care Home for the Elderly”, which covers scenario analysis, the mode of operation, risk management, etc.

    Completion of the “POH Tuen Mun Lam Tei Nursing and Residential Care Home for the Elderly” is expected in 2021–22 at the earliest.

  • Youth Services
    In order to deliver some positive energy to the youth and instil in them a correct outlook on life, Pok Oi actively develops youth services. The efforts made include “POH Wai Yin Association Teen Club” where young people are trained to be baristas, and “POH Yuen Long Merchants Association Extreme Sports Park”, a venue for innovative, challenging sports.

  • POH Wai Yin Association Teen Club
    Pok Oi received financial support from Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged to run “Embark on the Journey of Life”, a sports training programme for the youth, which has recruited nearly 700 youths in Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun to date. With a focus career aspiration development, the Club took part in a value-added programme for Yuen Long students. The programme has brought together 39 secondary schools and 15 youth service agencies in Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai. Pok Oi will organise workshops on career aspirations and arrange visits to external organisations, so as to better equip the youth for further education or employment.

    Pok Oi Café, operating inside the POH Wai Yin Association Teen Club, has been growing steadily. Apart from providing catering service, it plays an active role in the development of other services to put into practice the philosophy of social enterprises. It has enhanced public understanding of social enterprises, and encouraged consumers, corporations and schools to use the products and services of social enterprises.

  • POH Yuen Long Merchants Association Extreme Sports Park
    POH Yuen Long Merchants Association Extreme Sports Park features large ramp units. Apart from providing a safe venue for lovers of extreme sports, we proactively approach schools and local organisations to create opportunities for the youth and other people in the district to experience extreme sports. We are keen to promote the message that sport contributes to a healthy life.

  • Development Beneath Tsing Yi Flyover
    To further the development of youth services, Pok Oi plans to collaborate with Kwai Tsing District Office to develop a piece of vacant land underneath Tsing Yi flyover. The initial thinking is that we suggest making reference to the “Fly the Flyover Operation” in Kwun Tong. The vacant land can be revitalised to become a community space incorporating creativity, arts, culture and vitality, where activities such as art fairs, music and dance performances, and cultural appreciation events are held regularly. Through providing young peopl e wi th a plat form for performances, we can foster harmony and cohesion in the community. Pok Oi has engaged an architectural consultant to examine the limitations on the vacant site, come up with a feasible solution, and estimate the construction cost.

Promotion and Fundraising Activities
In addition to the above-mentioned efforts in providing a range of quality services, Pok Oi shoulders responsibility for promoting the importance of caring about others and society. In this fiscal year, Pok Oi will continue to organise various regular activities including Pok Oi Martial Arts Symposium, Pok Oi Charity Television Gala, the territory-wide fundraising event “Pok Oi Month”, etc. The “Pok Oi X Old Master Q — Hong Kong Charity Run” held for the first time last year attracted a large number of participants. Therefore it will be held again this year, and we hope to receive stauch support from all sectors again.

Pok Oi will undertake many new and interesting initiatives in fundraising this year. It is hoped that large enterprises, business organisations, benefactors and community leaders of all sectors will render their strong support. This will give our charitable activities a wider appeal, in particular for young people, so that the caring spirit of Pok Oi can be integrated into the life of every Hong Kong citizens.

Next year is the centenary of Pok Oi. To mark and celebrate the occasion, we will organise a series of exciting activities. For example, we will design and issue commemorative stamps, launch a credit charity card, invite 1,000 benefactors and elders to a banquet, publish a 100th anniversary souvenir book, and hold a roving exhibition that displays the historical literature of Pok Oi.

Over the past decades, I have been going through life with perseverance, insistence and a heart for charity. I believe in doing good deeds, and giving back to the community and putting into practice the virtue of doing my best to help others, which was learned from my parents. 10 years ago, I joined Pok Oi. Under the obligation of serving the community, I devote dedication, money and efforts to help needy people. During the process, I have developed my charity career and enriched my life. Moreover, I have made a lot of friends with the likeminded.

“Today is the foundation of tomorrow”. This is an important year for Pok Oi as the 100th anniversary is approaching. I am honoured to have the opportunity of working with members of the new Board to inherit the past and usher in the future. We will make concerted efforts to lead Pok Oi on the path to its centenary. The aim is to benefit more underprivileged people and promote a harmonious society. I also hope that with the support of various government departments, community leaders and enthusiastic public, Pok Oi will spread the seeds of charity to every corner and gather every bit of light for Hong Kong, its residents and Pok Oi. The dazzling light streaks across the night sky and then turns into bright coloured patterns lighting up the boundless sky.

In the coming year, Pok Oi will uphold the tradition of exercising financial prudence. The donations received will be properly used for the well-being of citizens. I now take this opportunity to express my heartfelt wish that our predecessors, advisers, the Board members and colleagues joining hands together to lead Pok Oi to a brilliant 100th year!

Lastly, on behalf of the Board members of Pok Oi, I thank you for taking time to attend the ceremony. I wish you every success and good health. Thank you!


Mr. Lee Yuk Fat
Chairman of the 69th Board of Director