Since its establishment in 1919, Pok Oi Hospital has been providing quality medical, educational and social services for the needy of our society, our motto being "We love, we care, we serve ". With the concerted effort throughout the years, Pok Oi has developed into a reputable charity organization with service units located all over Hong Kong. To support the substantial operational cost for our quality services, we rely very much on the public's support and donations apart from government subvention. Our Chinese medicine service, family multiple intelligences centre, part of our elderly service and social service are not under government subvention. Every dollar donated by our fellow citizens will effectively help to provide better service to more people in need.

Put in your love Light up their life
On behalf of our service recipients, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous donation. May your kindness brings you eternal happiness.

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$3.3, this little money can help single elderly for maintaining basic living, and re-ignite the hopes and save a group of patients. Donate $3.3 a day ( $100 a month ) to support Pok Oi Hospital for caring the underprivileged elders, and provide free Chinese medicine service to patients in needs.

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  Online Credit Card / PPS Donation to Pok Oi Hospital's accounts:

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  Accumulated donations of HK$100 or above annually are tax deductible with a receipt in Hong Kong.

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Send the cheque by mail or in person
Address: BOD, UG/F., POH Jockey Club Care & Attention Home Bldg., Au Tau, Yuen Long, N. T.
Please issue crossed cheques payable to "Pok Oi Hospital".


Direct bank-in or ATM transfer to Pok Oi Hospital's accounts at the following banks

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd. 016-883-041544317
Hang Seng Bank 221-166333-001
HSBC 543-158976-001
Shanghai Commercial Bank 025-35282-02550-2
Bank of China 588-00083616
OCBC Wing Hang 035-798-685559-001
HKBEA 015-514-40-401928-8
CCB (Asia) 009-639-008397053
Bank of Communications 382-548-0-202683-8


Donation can be made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express.


Donation can be made through Pok Oi Hospital's account at the e-Banking Service of HSBC, HKBEA and Hang Seng Bank. Donation will be debited from your e-Banking account.

You can make cash donation with minimum amount of HK$100 to us via any in Hong Kong. The cashier will issue the receipt for you when the transaction is completed. Please send the 7-ELEVEN original receipt along with the donor*s information to us to request for an official donation receipt. (Please present promotional materials with barcode or print it here for donation at any in Hong Kong.)

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Receipt will be issued upon request, please send the completed donation form together with the original bank-in/transfer slip, a cheque or credit card information to the Pok Oi Hospital. Address: BOD, UG/F., POH Jockey Club Care & Attention Home Bldg., Au Tau, Yuen Long, N. T.

Enquiry: 2479 0022
Fax: 2479 5025


1. The provision of personal data is purely voluntary. We may be unable to complete the donation transaction if data is insufficient.
2. The personal data provided will be used in processing the donation transaction, issuing of receipt and sending of fund-raising information. The personal data will be disclosed to staff member(s) of Pok Oi Hospital and the related bank(s) on a need-to-know basis.
3. Donation of $100 or above is tax deductible.